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Are you a woman who loves homemaking, productivity and personal development? Are you constantly trying to improve your home, routines and homemaking skills? Me too!

The main point of this blog is to show real life in a real home so that you will feel inspired, motivated and know that there are hundreds of homes and families out there that are not picture perfect.

The Real Homemaking Blog revolves around Home Management and Life Organization.  Additional topics may include budgeting, homeschooling and a bullet journal, all from a real life perspective.

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Who is the face behind Real Homemaking?

I’m Ashleigh Letley, born in 1985 (I will let you do the maths).  I am happily married to my soul mate (Mark) and I am a mom to 3 beautiful children.  Their names are Andrew, Brynn and Sybil.

I’ve always loved management computer games and was hopelessly addicted to The Sims for many years.  I spent a few years as a Software Developer, but ultimately I knew that I wanted to be a Homeschooling Mom and Housewife.  Maybe someday I will be an author too!

Over time I realized that home management is a journey, not a race to perfection.  That is when I decided to start Real Homemaking to show a real, average, everyday home as it grows and develops over time.

We live in South Africa and I have never left this country (born and raised here). We don’t know if we will stay here forever, but we have no plans to leave at the time of writing this.

Ashlei Letley, the face behind Real Homemaking

Statement of belief

I believe that not all women are designed/called to be housewives and mothers, but each women has a vital role to play in the betterment of society.

I believe that the women who have been called to be housewives and mothers are a vital part of society.  They are NEEDED for moral growth and stability to endure.

I believe that women have a unique feminine energy (to greater or lesser degrees) that enables them to be the ideal helper to mankind.

I believe in traditional Judeo-Christian morals and values. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.

I believe that the purpose of life is to serve God, serve each other and become the greatest version of ourselves so that we can fulfill the role God created us to fulfill.